Tired of playing drinking games and not completely understanding the rules? Party Time Drinking Game is a virtual board game with multiplayer support for up to 15 distinct players, this will without doubt liven up your next social affair.

Compete in up to 19+ mini-games alone or with mates, anything from flying a copter to riddles.

The gameplayer of Party Time Drinking Game is, as conventional drinking games, a turn-based undertaking. After every player customizes their character, the goal of the game is to advance the furthest over a randomly hazardly created map of tiles. Arriving on specific tiles will start an alternate minigame, which players must beat with the end goal to keep up their position on the board. Effectively finishing a minigame wins players the privilege to circulate sips to alternate players.


  • Android: API 16+
  • iOS: version: 8.0+
  • Windows: Windows 10 on PC (including WindowsPhone and Windows 10 Tablet)

You can setup the game and play it on your TV at home using a tablet/phone as a controller. Click here to read more about how to do it.


Players: 1-15 (they play on the same device).

In-app Purchases: Yes

The game consists of an auto-generated random map containing tiles that you move through. You begin by rolling the dice and your character will move forward on the map. Each tile on the map can contain a different minigame that the player will be challenged to beat. In order to stay on the new position the player needs to “win” in the minigame, if the player loses he/she will be sent back to the old position the player had before the dice was rolled. The first player to reach the finish line (last tile on the map) wins the game! Some minigames gives the player the option to either compete against a bot or another player, so not all minigames are singleplayer.


The current existing minigames are:

  1. Chest
  2. Chance
  3. Flags
  4. Airplane
  5. Assign Drinks
  6. Jump Across
  7. Pong: 1-2 player
  8. Runner
  9. True or False
  10. SpaceShips
  11. Obstacles
  12. Moles
  13. Math
  14. Remember
  15. Fortune
  16. Knowledge
  17. Gatherer (Created 2018-11-04)
  18. Slingshot (Created 2019)
  19. Timing (Created 2019)
  20. More are being developed…