Terms and Conditions

The application differs for Apple compared to GooglePlay and Microsoft App Store because Apple has more strict rules for verification. So the application on AppleStore does not have anything that will tell the player(s) to drink.


Project History

The first edition of PartyTime was released back in 2010 and was developed in Visual Basic 6.

The 2nd edition of PartyTime was developed and finished during 2016-2017. This time it was developed in Visual Basic .NET.

The third edition of PartyTime is the one you are visiting right now. This time it was developed in C# using Xamarin in order for it to work on iOS, Android and Universal Windows. The project was started in 2017 and should be available for download early 2018. All games have been created and developed  by 1 person, read the next part to find out more.


The Developer

I’ve always been interested in games and have made plenty, but only on my sparetime. I graduated as a Computer Engineer in 2013 and have since then worked at a company developing mostly in VB.NET, C#, javascript (typescript), MySQL…