Play on TV

There are many ways to play PartyTime on your TV at home. I will help you with some of the solutions that I prefer. Regardless if you are using an iOS, Android or Windows tablet/phone, there is a solution to play it on your TV. All these solutions lets you use your Tablet or Phone as the controller for the game while playing on the TV with your friends. Learning how to mirror your tablets or phones is very usefull and I’m sure you will find many uses for it with other apps as well.




Multiplatform (works for all devices)

There are many more options out there and if you need help feel free to post on the forum! I have tried several methods to make sure the game can be played on TV and still lookg good. Just remember that Google is your friend, so if you want to look further for yourself simply seach for: YourDeviceName Screen cast to TV.



Have you considered playing with a friend but you are both in different places. Then it might be possible to setup TeamViewer. TeamViewer lets a person remote into your phone or PC and that way you can both interact with the same device. For example TeamViewer on PC:  If both players download it and install it, then you can remote to eachother and only 1 person needs to own the Windows UWP app of PartyTime to enjoy it together. TeamViewer is also available through appstore so could be fun to try out. This has not yet been tested so please contact if you try it out and give us some input on the experience.