Development Log


  • Heavily improved all current mini-games.
  • Updated more than 75 image files with a more modern/stylish look.
  • Changed the controllers for the mini-games that uses touch controller.
  • Update almost all tile icons.
  • Did many balance adjustments.
  • Can no longer get the same minigame in a row on a random tile.

“All updates prior to update 11 lacks dates and some updates are even missing. But all future updates will be better documented.”, PartyTimeDev.

Update 11 (2019-03-05)

  • Can no longer get the same minigame in a row on a random tile.

Update 10 (2019)

  • Big Update!
  • New minigame: Timing.
  • New minigame: Slingshot.
  • Improved & restyled minigame: Gatherer.
  • Improved minigame: JumpAcross.
  • Big graphic changes. Many new images added and changed, started to convert the game to a more mature and modern look.
  • Reversed order for minigames on the Minigames page. New games will now be added to the top of the page.
  • Removed single minigame purchases. You can now only unlock all or play for free.

Update 9 (2019)

  • Improved minigame: Gatherer.
  • Fix for moles starting as disabled.
  • More True and False questions added.
  • Improvements for GUI & some minor fixes.

Update 8 (2019)

  • Fixed so that Moles minigame can be enabled.
  • Fixed issue where assign drinks page did not show up after visiting minigames page.
  • Added button to unlock all minigames on WaitingPage.
  • Improved user interface on several pages. * Optimized code.

Update 7 (2018)

  • Fixed issue where toggle buttons dissapeared on startpage for some devices.
  • NEW Minigame improvement!
  • Added button to unlock all minigames on WaitingPage.
  • Optimized code.

Update 6 (2018)

  • Help Page added with information.
  • Added help messages (Tips) which are displayed after a minigame is won.
  • Balanced & improved minigames.
  • Fixed drinks in games, they previously displayed too many.
  • Improved text fitting on small devices.
  • Improved UI.
  • Optimized code.

Update 5 (2018)

  • NEW Minigame: Gatherer!
  • Added 5 new characters to pick from.
  • Last tile will give you a minigame you have to beat in order to win the game.
  • GUI Improvements. * More tips added to WaitingPage.
  • Improved descriptions for minigames and other texts.
  • Airplane minigame hardmode made harder.
  • Playing minigames on MiniGames Page steps between “Player 1” to “Player 4”.

Update 4 (2018)

  • New minigame: Knowledge!

Update 3 (2018)

  • Features/Changes:
  • Now showing last drinks for all players on the Stats page.
  • Improved Chests minigame.
  • Added possibility for user to rate app when finishing the game.
  • Lowered minimum drinks to 1.
  • Changed player count to maximum 15.

Update 2 (2017)

  • Fixed sound for Android where it just stopped playing.
  • Fixed a issue on minigame Fortune.
  • Fixed minigame Obstacles so it dont cause lag spikes sometimes when shooting on slow devices.

Update 1 (2017)

  • Full version of PartyTime.